More great news, and even more great news, for WWI Crusaders
May 25, 2019

Jeff Miller's WWI Crusaders keeps on raking in recognition!

It has been announced as a finalist in the Colorado Authors' League's CAL Book Awards for 2019 in the Nonfiction: Historical category. Winners will be announced on June 9, 2019.

WWI Crusaders was also a finalist in two categories—History: General and History: USA—in the 13th annual National Indie Excellence Awards (NIEA), one of two books to be recognized in both categories. The NIEA is, according to their website, "open to all English-language printed books available for sale, including small presses, mid-size independent publishers, and university presses"—which means that WWI Crusaders fared quite well against widespread competition.

And lastly, WWI Crusaders was named a Colorado Book Award finalist, again in the History category. Interestingly, one of Jeff's co-finalists in history was author Polly E. Bugros McLean, whose Remembering Lucile was designed and typeset by PBC's own Daniel Pratt! Neither book ended up taking home the award, but we're doing our best to not be poor sports about it.

WWI Crusaders named to Kirkus's Best Books of 2018!
December 2018

Accolades keep rolling in for WWI Crusaders, Jeffrey Miller's history of the unparalleled effort to feed the citizens of German-occupied Belgium during the first World War. On Sunday, December 17, WWI Crusaders was named one of Kirkus Reviews' Best Indie Books of 2018.

With approximately one million books now being self-published each year, and thousands upon thousands being submitted annually to Kirkus for review, to be named one of the top 100 independent publications of the year is a wonderful achievement and a testament to Jeff Miller's ability to craft a compelling story.

Congratulations, Jeff!

Second Edition of the Guided Resource in Dependency Now Available
August 2018

The Guided Reference in Dependency (GRID) is Colorado's comprehensive guide to the legal standards governing dependency and neglect cases and best practices for child welfare attorneys. A compete reference guide for guardians ad litem and respondent parent counsel, the GRID can be easily used int eh courtroom and at all stages of a dependency and neglect case.

The original GRID was published in August 2012 and somewhat revised in 2015. The 2018 edition integrates recent legal developments throughout the publication and adds a number of fact sheets relevant to legal and practice developments. The print version’s index and table of authorities and the electronic version's search and bookmarking features enable quick access to relevant topics and law.

Descriptive text from

Jeffrey B. Miller's WWI Crusaders Now at Printer
July 2018

Jeffrey B. Miller, author of 2015’s well-received Behind the Lines, is now preparing to publish his definitive one-volume history of Herbert Hoover’s Commission for Relief in Belgium, the organization that spearheaded the American effort to feed civilians in German-occupied Belgium during World War I.

From the author’s website, 

The Little-known True Story: During World War I (1914–1918), the American-led Commission for Relief in Belgium (CRB) and its Belgian counterpart, the Comite National (CN), initiated, organized, and supervised the largest food relief the world had ever seen. Nearly 10 million Belgians and northern French trapped behind German lines were saved from starvation during four years of the Great War. Young, idealistic Americans volunteered to go into German-occupied territory as CRB delegates to guarantee the imported food would not be taken by the Germans. These humanitarian crusaders were committed to helping the civilians and maintaining strict neutrality as they watched the Belgians suffer under the harsh German regime. It is one of America’s greatest humanitarian efforts that few know of today.

WWI Crusaders. This is the first book for general readers that tells in one complete volume the interlacing stories of German brutality, Belgian resistance, and the American humanitarian crusaders of the CRB. The book covers from August 1914, when the war began, to May 1917, when the last U.S. delegates left Belgium because of America’s April entry into the war. The events of a century past come alive in real time as WWI Crusaders follows the lives of a handful of young CRB delegates, two U.S. diplomats, a 22-year-old Belgian woman, and those responsible for producing an underground newspaper. A substantial epilogue wraps up all major stories and people through the end of the war and beyond.

WWI Crusaders will be released on November 11, 2018, the 100th anniversary of the end of the first World War. It will be available for pre-orders on August 11, 2018. Follow this link for information on how to request a review copy. 

Front cover by Laurie Shields Design

Great Press for Heavy Air and Sweet Cane in The Advocate 
December 2017

Randy Roussel's Heavy Air and Sweet Cane, recently received a great write-up in The Advocate (click here for a link to the story). And after barely a month, the initial print run is all sold out! 

Congratulations to Randy for his great success!

To see some of Randy Roussel’s photography, visit his

Great Advance Reviews for Firmly Anchored in Midair
October 2017

Firmly Anchored in Midair: The Handbook of Wireless Site Acquisition and Permitting, a comprehensive guide for the complexities of acquiring sites for telecommunications installations, draws upon author John Rowe’s thirty-five years of experience in the industry. Clocking in at more than 500 pages and extensively endnoted and referenced, Firmly Anchored in Midair will be an indispensable reference for industry veterans and novices alike. 

Based on early reviews, industry veterans are looking forward to the pub date!

From Eden to Bliss Already in Second Printing!
April 2017

We planned to announce the publication of Sister Mary Louise Deroin’s memoir, From Eden to Bliss: My Journey in Holy Cross, but the news is even better than that—the first print run has already sold out, and we’ve already gone back to the printer for more.

Congratulations to Sister Mary Louise, and may this be the first of many reprints!

From Eden to Bliss is available at the St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center gift shop in Boise, Idaho, and can also be ordered and shipped from Reilly’s Catholic Supply Store.

Susan Mackay Smith appears on Mark Stevens' Rocky Mountain Writer podcast
November 2016

Susan Mackay Smith, author of Conan the Grammarian: Practical Guidelines on Grammar and Craft for Fiction Writers, appeared with Mark Stevens on the Rocky Mountain Writer podcast on November 6, 2016. 

Follow this link to the audio for the show, and be sure to stay tuned at about the 27-minute mark for some very kind words from both the host and the author about Pratt Brothers Composition!  

Susan Mackay Smith is a past president of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, a frequent judge of the Colorado Book Awards, and has been writing a monthly Conan the Grammarian column for over ten years. She is a published author under the nom de plume Mackay Wood.

Conan the Grammarian is available on We think you should buy a copy! If you're a Goodreads member, or even if you're not, check out the reader reviews here.

Announcing the Third Edition of Robert Crump's Lyman Byxbe: Omaha to Estes Park
Edited by David Tanton
July 2016

Born in Illinois in 1886, Lyman Byxbe worked as a commercial artist in Omaha, Nebraska, in the 1920s and 1930s, showing his drawings and watercolors at local exhibitions while mastering the arts of etching and printmaking. He began incorporating Estes Park's mountains, woods, and valleys into his work after first visiting the region in the 1920s, and moved to Estes Park for good in 1939. Over the next forty years he shared his artistry with the public and provided for his family from his home and studio, and from his shop on Elkhorn Avenue. Byxbe’s prints have traveled the world, and are now held by many museums and by collectors all over the United States and the world.

In the years since Byxbe's death in 1980, the quality and importance of his work have been rediscovered. What were long seen as attractive, relatively inexpensive souvenirs are now highly sought-after works of art. Robert Crump’s definitive 2002 work, The Prints of Lyman Byxbe: A Catalog Raisonné, now in its third edition, substantially added to our knowledge of Byxbe’s life and art. With twenty-nine new images and ten revised images, this book a must-read for art collectors and the general reader interested in bringing home the beauty of the Rocky Mountain National Park region.

Lyman Byxbe: Omaha to Estes Park, Third Edtion is available at

Catherine Scott's Booze at Breakfast now in print
February 2016
2014 CIPA EVVY Award winner

Originally published in 2013 and now featuring a new page layout and cover design, Booze at Breakfast is a family portrait of the disease of alcoholism, delving into life’s deep truths from multiple perspectives: Carlos, the self-loathing alcoholic; his wife Sally, who struggles with anxiety and depression; and their son Peter, the prime target for his father’s abuse. 

As Carlos’s drinking escalates, Sally and Peter draw strength from the wisdom of an Irish neighbor, Miz Marymoll, the kindness of their young parish priest, Father Joe, and the support of Al-Anon as they hope to break out of alcohol’s cycle of madness.

Engrossing, loving, and wise, Booze at Breakfast is a story of the daily pain of alcohol abuse, hard-won redemption, and the beauty and spirituality of recovery. It will  provide understanding for anyone who has puzzled about an alcoholic or his/her family’s choices and challenges.

Find out more about author Catherine W. Scott at her website. The ebook version of Booze at Breakfast is now available on Or, be the first to write a review on

Remarkable Women of California Published
October 2015

PBC is pleased to announce that Marilyn Brandt Chandler DeYoung’s Remarkable Women of California has come back from the printer! In this book, DeYoung, a fourth-generation Californian descended from Otto Brandt and married to former Los Angeles Times publisher Otis Chandler, describes nearly one hundred of the trendsetting, pioneering women of her home state—writers such as Helen Hunt Jackson and Joan Didion; film giants such as Edith Head, Marion Davies, and Jane Fonda; plus dozes of other entrepreneurs, athletes, lawyers, lawmakers, and First Ladies.

Featuring a cover and text design by Vanessa No Heart and typeset by Pratt Brothers Composition, Remarkable Women of California is available for purchase at Oak Leaf Books. If you've read and enjoyed it, why not leave a review at Goodreads?

A Place for Me! Wins Big at 2015 CIPA EVVY Awards

August 2015

Kathy and Barbara with their EVVY Awards

Congratulations to Barbara Kae Webster and Kathy Mastroianni for their tremendous showing at this year’s Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY Awards. Their book A Place for Me! Empowering Wisdom to Create an Amazing Life was recognized in four separate categories:

  • Women’s Studies: 1st Place
  • Self Help: 2nd Place
  • Inspirational: 3rd Place
  • Motivational: Merit Award

Not a bad haul for one little book, and we’re very happy to see our authors get the recognition they’ve earned! A Place for Me! has already sold out of its initial print run, and Pratt Brothers Composition is about to begin working on the book’s companion journal. A Place for Me! is available for purchase at Create Peace Publishing, and the ebook edition can be found on

For a complete list of EVVY Award winners, click here.

Jeffrey Miller's 
Behind the Lines 

September 2014

PBC is proud to announce that Behind the Lines, our recent project with author Jeffrey Miller, has been published and has already received great reviews!

The first book of a three-volume work, Behind the Lines tells the true, yet largely overlooked, story of the men and women who saved millions of Belgians from starvation during their country's occupation by Germany during World War I. 

This meticulously researched book has been recently reviewed in the Denver Post, and received a coveted Star Review from Kirkus. According to the Washington Post, of the over 10,000 books Kirkus reviews each year, only about 760 receive their Star Review... so this book is definitely on its way to big things! Congratulations Jeff, we look forward to the next volume!

Behind the Lines is available for purchase at many bookstores, through, and from the authors's web site. You can also find Goodreads reviews of the book here and here. (We're not sure why it's listed twice.)

Front cover by Laurie Shields Design

Joe Mills of Estes Park–Finalist for Colorado Book Award!
April 2014

PBC is pleased to announce that our recent book project, 
Joe Mills of Estes Park: A Colorado Life by James H. Pickering, is a finalist for the 2014 Colorado Book Awards! 

As announced in the Denver Post, the annual Colorado Book Awards are presented by Colorado Humanities to honor Colorado authors in a variety of categories. Joe Mills of Estes Park is a finalist in the biography category. 

A finalist reading will be held in Denver on May 8, 2014 and the winners will be announced at a ceremony in Aspen on June 13, 2014. PBC is very proud to be associated with this excellent and important book, and would like to wish Dr. Pickering the best of luck!

Joe Mills of Estes Park: A Colorado Life Released
August 2013

PBC is proud to announce the release of our latest book project: Joe Mills of Estes Park: A Colorado Life by James H. Pickering. Dr. Pickering, the Historian Laureate of Estes Park, has written the definitive biography of athlete, coach, naturalist, and writer Joe Mills. This engrossing and meticulously researched work reveals Joe Mills to be a man long overdue for recognition in his own right, free from the long shadow cast by his famous older brother, naturalist Enos Mills. This book includes more than 250 historical photographs, many seen publicly for the first time.

Joe Mills of Estes Park is available for purchase locally through the Estes Park Museum, as well as on And if you liked it, why not leave a review at You'l be glad you did!

Check out the final front cover for Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park: Then & Now
December 2018

The original 2006 edition Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park: Then & Now won the Colorado Book Award. Now updated and expanded by James Pickering and photographers Mic Clinger and Derek Fortini, the revised edition is nearly ready to go to the printer. 

But while we all wait for the final books to get back to us, here's a sneak peek at the front cover!

More Great Publicity for WWI Crusaders
October 2018

WWI Crusaders, set to be released on November 11, 2018 (the 100th anniversary of the end of the first World War), has gotten another strong review—this time from Publishers Weekly: "Those with a serious interest in WWI history or the life of Herbert Hoover will find this lively and engaging book fascinating."

Read the full review here. Also, click here for an article and video from Denver's CBS channel 4 on the end of the first World War.

Ellen Fisher Hits Paydirt at 2018 CIPA EVVY Awards
August 2018

Hill’s Gold, by Ellen Kingman Fisher, took first place in the Historical category and second place in the Western category at the 2018 CIPA EVVY Awards! The EVVY awards, co-sponsored by the Colorado Independent Publishers Association and the CIPA Education andLiteracy Foundation, are one of the independent publishing industry’s longest-running book award competitions.

Congratulations to Ellen for Hill's Gold's well-deserved recognition!

To order a copy of Hill's Gold, visit, or read (or write!) a review on Goodreads.

PBC Pinch-Hits on Cover Design for Ron Bushaw's That Old Jacket
June 2018

It’s not often that a book designer starts work on a project after it’s already gone to the printer, but we got that opportunity with That Old Jacket: The Story Behind the WWII Uniform in Grandfather’s Closet by Ronald Bushaw. Mr. Bushaw’s printer rep had noticed that the original dust jacket was missing a few important elements, and contacted us to make the changes.

After looking over the book, we recommended that the dust jacket be redesigned from scratch to take better advantage of its wealth of illustrations. We ended up with a new dust jacket that displays a compelling sample of the hundreds of uniforms in the author’s collection. 

That Old Jacket will be available in August 2018. For more information about the book or about Ronald Bushaw’s extensive collection of American World War II uniforms, visit the author’s website, You can also see a (small) image of the full dust jacket on the author’s blog page

CIPA Education and Literacy Foundation Website is Now Live
December 2017

Pratt Brothers Composition is proud to announce the launch of the website for the Colorado Independent Publishers Association's Education and Literacy Foundation. 

In addition to managing the Education and Literacy Foundation website, PBC will be coordinating sales of selected books donated to ELF's inventory via eBay, with all proceeds from sales going to fund ELF's various charitable programs. Please visit for more information, or visit ELF's eBay page to browse, and buy, a boatload of books.

Heavy Air and Sweet Cane 
is Off to the Printer!
September 2017

Heavy Air and Sweet Cane, Randy Roussel’s ode to his Louisiana home, is now in press, and expected to arrive in November 2017. Part memoir, part regional history, and part visual tour of the region that the author’s family has called home for generations, with stories of family history and local events weaving together throughout with the author’s lush photography.

PBC worked with Randy Roussel on two past books—Baton Rouge: Views Along the Meander and Meandering Around the Red Stick Region—and have been very excited by the opportunity to work with him again.

To see some of Randy Roussel’s photography, visit his website,

We Once Were Enemies
Final Cover Design
March 2017

Bruce Frazer and Carol Glasgow's We Once Were Enemies, a history of the U.S. 8th Air Force's "Black Thursday" raid on Schweinfurt, Germany, during the Second World War, isn't due out for several months yet. But it has a final cover, and we wanted to show it off.

To learn more about the book or pre-order your copy, visit

Scarlet and Black, with cover design by PBC, now in print
November 2016

Scarlet and Black, Volume I: Slavery and Dispossession in Rutgers History by Marisa J. Fuentes and Deborah Gray White is now available from Rutgers University Press.

The culmination of eight months' research into the history of Rutgers University, Scarlet and Black "reveal[s] an untold history of some of the institution’s founders as slave owners and the displacement of the Native Americans who once occupied land that was later transferred to the college."

To learn more about the project that led to the writing and publication of the book, please follow the following link to the Rutgers Today press release

Tremble in Fear of Conan the Grammarian by Susan Mackay Smith!
July 2016

Conan the Grammarian: Practical Guidelines on Grammar and Craft for Fiction Writers is a guidebook designed to help authors improve diction, dialogue, structure, and point of view of their writing, analyze and accept critique, dive into editing, and avoid pitfalls of clichés, anachronisms, weasel words, and bland writing. Fiction places extraordinary demands on writers because it’s not only the story that matters, but also how the story is told. Clear, informative, and entertainingly written, Conan the Grammarian is a vital resource for first-time and established authors.

Susan Mackay Smith is a past president of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, a frequent judge of the Colorado Book Awards, and has been writing a monthly Conan the Grammarian column for over ten years. She is a published author under the nom de plume Mackay Wood.

Conan the Grammarian is available on and posted for reader reviews on

A Place for Me! Companion Journal Now in Print
December 2015

Barbara Kae Webster and Kathy Mastroianni have published a companion journal to accompany A Place for Me!—a four-time CIPA award winner (1st place in the Women’s Studies category, 2nd Place for Self Help, 3rd Place for Inspirational, and a Merit Award in the Motivational category).

The book and journal are tools to help anyone who is ready to move past fear and imagined limitations, look within for the answers, and create an amazing life. Each are divided into three themes—Support; Challenges and Opportunities; and Inspiration and Celebration—with seven topics included in each theme. Each topic has an inspiring story, a simple action plan to make the topic real and useful, a place to journal to make it personal, and a powerful affirmation for the day. Beautiful images by Photography by Kae bring depth, emotion, and creativity to each lesson.

To learn more about Barbara and Kathy’s work or to purchase a copy of the journal, visit the Create Peace Publishing website.

Equusology Now Available
October 2015

If you’ve ever wondered what your horse is thinking—other than “I’m hungry,” which seems to be a safe guess a lot of the time—Melisa Pearce and Carolyn Fitzpatrick’s Equusology: Deciphering Human and Horse Typology is just what you’re looking for. Equusology adapts the concepts behind the Keirsey Temperament Sorter to the equine temperament, giving humans insight into not only their own habits, actions, traits, and reactions, but also those of their horses.

Equusology provides a fascinating way look at the minds of fascinating (and, for some of us, occasionally very puzzling) creatures.

For more information about Melisa Pearce and Carolyn Fitpatrick’s work, visit, and

Edited by Melanie Mullhall at Dragonheart Writing and Editing

Vice Versa Verse Wins Twice at 2015 CIPA EVVY Awards 

August 2015

Kim Conrad received multiple awards at this year's Colorado Independent Publishers Association's 2015 EVVY Book Awards, with a 1st Place in the Inspirational category and a 2nd Place in the Poetry category for her Vice Versa Verse: Inspiring Twists on How to View Your Life and Fill Your Soul. Congratulations, Kim!

Vice Versa Verse features cover design by Nick Zelinger at NZ Graphics, and page design and typesetting by PBC. For a complete list of EVVY Award winners, click here.

Baton Rouge: Views Along the Meander and Meandering Through the Red Stick Region Published
September 2014

PBC is happy to announce that our latest project, a two-volume set containing photos taken in and around Baton Rouge by Louisiana native Randy Roussel, has been released. PBC could not be any happier with the result... these books look great!

Baton Rouge: Views Along the Meander features photos of the city, while Meandering Through the Red Stick Region presents photos of the surrounding area. Together, these volumes present a uniquely beautiful, warm, and occasionally haunting view of this fascinating and historic area of the United States. The books were recently featured in an article in The New Orleans Times-Picayune.

These books turned out fantastic, if we do say so ourselves... although the bulk of the credit, of course, goes to Randy for his stunning photos. Both volumes are available locally.

Vice Versa Verse Published
July 2014

Pratt Brothers Composition is happy to announce that Vice Versa Verse, a collection of poems by author and inspirational speaker Kim Conrad, has been published. 

Through eleven sections and over 100 pages, the poems and photographs in Vice Versa Verse will inspire you to see things a new way. PBC is very happy to have been a part of this important book! 

Copies may be purchased from Gems of Wisdom Press at Kim Conrad's web site. They are also available at, and you can read or leave a review of the book at

Front cover by NZ Graphics.

Eastern Colorado's Small Museums and Other Treasures Released
June 2012

Pratt Brothers Composition is happy to announce that our third book project, Eastern Colorado's Small Museums and Other Treasures by Stuart Schneck and Ida Nakashima Schneck, is complete! This book is a guide to 150 museums and other historic sites throughout eastern Colorado, and includes valuable information of interest to anyone curious about the history of the state. 

More Recognition for 
Shared Moments
August 2012

The accolades for Shared Moments keep on coming! PBC is very proud to announce that Bobbie Heisterkamp's Shared Moments was recognized in April 2012 with the Gold Award at the PubWest Design Awards,"recognizing superior design and outstanding production quality," in the "Adult Trade Book— Illustrated" category. We are enormously pleased and humbled to be so recognized with this honor. 

Not to be overlooked is another major honor for Shared Moments: the 2012 Southwest Book Design & Production Award in the "Trade Book: Illustrated" category. This award, presented by the New Mexico Book Association, recognizes "creativity and quality in book design and distinction in production... [helping] raise the bar and set standards of book excellence throughout the Southwest." Our trophy case is filling up rapidly, and we couldn't be more proud!

Pratt Brothers Composition would like to congratulate Bobbie Heisterkamp and Jim Pickering, and to thank both PubWest and the New Mexico Book Association for their consideration and recognition of our work. Thank you!

Lyman Byxbe: Omaha to Estes Park Released
November 2011

Pratt Brothers Composition is pleased to announce that Lyman Byxbe-Omaha to Estes Park: An Artist's Legacy & Catalog Raisonne is now available! Written by Byxbe expert and collector Robert Crump, this revised and redesigned edition is edited by David Tanton and  features many improved scans of Byxbe's work, as well as some newly-discovered etchings that were previously unavailable. A must-have book for Byxbe collectors, etching and printmaking enthusiasts, and Estes Park/Rocky Mountain National Park historians.

Lyman Byxbe: Omaha to Estes Park
 is available at the Estes Park Museum Shop, as well as on

For more information about the work of Lyman Byxbe and for further updates on Lyman Byxbe: Omaha to Estes Park, please visit the following link:

WWI Crusaders
 in the Daily Mail
December 2018

The Commission for Relief in Belgium’s efforts to feed a nation during WWI was featured in a recent article in London's Daily Mail, with a circulation of more than 1.3 million readers. 

The article, published (just like Jeff's book itself!) on 100th anniversary of the end of the first World War, the article is peppered with illustrations from Jeffrey Miller’s WWI Crusaders and features both extensive quotes from the author and from the book itself. 

Read the full article here

(Ignore the comments section; you'll feel better if you do.)

Starred Kirkus Review for Miller's WWI Crusaders
September 2018

Jeffrey Miller’s WWI Crusaders has received a prestigious starred review from Kirkus! According to the Colorado Authors League, less than one percent of the 10,000+ books reviewed annually by Kirkus get a starred review. (Miller's previous book on the subject, Behind the Lines, got a starred review too.)

Described in the review as a “magnum opus that celebrates the qualities of compassion, honor, and humanitarian virtue,” WWI Crusaders will be available on November 11, 2018, from Amazon, the author’s website, and through Ingram for bookstores.

Read the full review hereAlso, check out the author's Twitter feed!

Memoirs of Eleanor E. Hondius of Elkhorn Lodge Back in Print
July 2018

Originally published more than fifty years ago, this charming memoir tells a story of Estes Park at the turn of the twentieth century from the perspective of one of its early residents, Eleanor E. Hondius. Born in Longmont, Colorado, in 1880, Eleanor grew up in Estes Park at the Elkhorn Lodge, which was owned and operated by her parents William and Ella James. This revised edition, heavily illustrated and with a new introduction by James H. Pickering and an annotated index, makes her delightful story of early times in the Estes Valley available to a new generation of residents and visitors.

Published by the Estes Park Museum Friends and Foundation Press, Memoirs of Eleanor E. Hondius of Elkhorn Lodge will be available on and the publisher's website.

Colorado Juvenile Defense Manual Now Available Online
April 2018

The Colorado Juvenile Defender Center's Colorado Juvenile Defense Manual, Third Edition, is now available in electronic-only format. Fortunately for us, designing the ebook worked the same way that we'd design a print edition, so we didn't have to learn any new technology!

From the CJDC website

The Colorado Juvenile Defense Manual is designed to guide the practitioner through the law and the special considerations in defending a juvenile client, both in delinquency and criminal court. The 2013 First Edition consisted of twenty-six chapters ranging from arrest, detention, and initial proceedings to interrogations, jury trials, appeals and beyond. The 2015 Second Edition included over 125 pages of updates and additional chapters on expungement, sex offender registration and deregistration, and school discipline cases. This Third Edition introduces myriad updates on case law and legislation across its 28 expansive chapters.

Ellen Fisher's Hill's Gold 
is Now Available!
December 2017

Colorado Territory 1863: The Colorado gold rush was over. Mining was in a shambles. The Civil War still raged and Indian uprisings on the Great Plains made travel dangerous. 

Nevertheless, Nathaniel P. Hill was captivated by the rough frontier and tempted by William Gilpin’s invitation to investigate his land for gold and silver. Against his better judgment, Hill left his family and job as a chemistry professor at Brown University to work for the Colorado Territory’s former governor. The result was nothing short of a revolutionary boost to the fledgling Colorado mining industry and the rerouting of his and his family’s fortunes.

To order a copy of Hill's Gold, visit, or read (or write!) a review on Goodreads.

Yellowstone National Park: Through the Lens of Time Wins PubWest Design Award
June 2017

Bradly J. Boner’s Yellowstone National Park Through the Lens of Time has been awarded a bronze 2017 PubWest Design Award in the Photography category. Lavishly illustrated, Yellowstone National Park documents the changes and consistencies of the world’s most famous national park from 1871 to the present day through more than 200 black-and-white and color photographs from author Bradly J. Boner and his nineteenth-century counterpart, William Henry Jackson.

While not technically a Pratt Brothers Composition title, this book was designed and typeset by our own Daniel Pratt for the University Press of Colorado, where he’s been the Production Manager for more than a decade.

Follow this link to see a list of the other PubWest winners, or visit the University Press of Colorado’s website to read more about, and order a copy of, Yellowstone National Park Through the Lens of Time. To read or add reviews/ratings on, follow this link.

Now Available: Obscurity to Success in the Oil Business
March 2017

Michael Johnson's Obscurity to Success in the Oil Business: Discover of Parshall Oil Field in North Dakota, a memoir of the ingenuity, risk-taking, and scientific know-how that helped lead to the discovery of the huge Parshall oil field that contributed to the North Dakota oil boom.

Featuring dust-jacket and cover design by Pratt Brothers Composition and produced through My Word! PublishingObscurity to Success in the Oil Business is available now on Read and/or leave reviews of this title on Goodreads.

Equusology cleans up at CIPA's 2016 EVVY Awards
August 2016

Melisa Pearce and Carolyn Fitzpatrick’s Equusology: Deciphering Human and Horse Typology had a great showing at the Colorado Independent Publishers Association's 2016 EVVY Awards on August 20, 2016, in Denver. 

In addition to a merit award in the Self-Help category, Equusology took third place in both the How To and Academic/Reference categories, and second place in both the Inspirational and Motivational categories. 

Congratulations to Melisa and Carolyn for their great showing!

Extreme Forgiveness Now Available from CCRC Press
June 2016

Cover design by Richard Hendel, author of On Book Design and editor of Aspects of Contemporary Book Design.

On January 5, 1995, Kurt Fox—a German immigrant who had worked in the United States as a respected family practice doctor for nearly thirty years—received a phone call from Vermont historian Brian Lindner, a man he did not know.
Although the two men had never met, they shared a connection: as a German bomber pilot in the second World War, Fox had sunk the American destroyer USS Maddox, killing 210 men and leaving 74 survivors. Lindner, a historian, had been asked by the Maddox Survivors Association to find the pilot who had sunk their ship.

Fifty-two years after the sinking, Lindner had called to invite Fox to the annual meeting of Maddox survivors. Fox, though understandably apprehensive, accepted. He was not only welcomed by the survivors, but also forgiven by them, and even inducted as an honorary member of the Maddox Association.

What enabled Dr. Fox and the members of the Maddox Survivors Association to forgive and to be forgiven, in what Dr. Fox described as a “truly liberating experience”? This was extreme forgiveness.

To purchase Extreme Forgiveness, please visit the authors’ website or Or be the first to leave a rating or review at Goodreads!

Rita Brady Kiefer’s Crossing Borders Now Available from Meridian Noon Press
October 2015

Crossing Borders is Rita Brady Kiefer’s testimony before the enduring question: how real are the borders separating human from human, human from animal, human from the divine? 

Bristlecone pines become dissidents in a world where “no one has to flee.” Subversive women from centuries past guide a modern Pakistani girl’s fight for an education. Sex between lovers morphs into delicate blue flowers. A childless woman becomes mother to an infant born without a face. The acts of a deluded pastor transform a sanctuary into the scene of a violation. A child’s small act of rage is connected to a prisoner who can’t recall the fury that led to his crime.

Crossing Borders leaves the reader with unresolved questions, finally hinting at a tentative resolution: words . . . pearls found in the poetics of space.

Find out more about Rita Brady Keifer and her writing at her website. 

Going All-In on Diversity and Inclusion Now in Print
September 2015

Pratt Brothers Composition is pleased to announce that Kathleen Nalty’s Going All-In on Diversity and Inclusion: The Law Firm Leader’s Playbook, has come back from the printer and is now available on the author’s website.

From the back cover:

Going All-In on Diversity and Inclusion is for law firm leaders who want to promote inclusiveness initiatives to make diversity sustainable, so their firms can reap all the benefits of a diverse workforce. Unlike traditional diversity efforts, inclusiveness initiatives require firm leaders to go “All-In,” meaning:

  • My-In: A full commitment by leaders, plus action to uncover hidden barriers to success;
  • Buy-In: Gaining the support and participation of others in the firm; and
  • Tie-In: Making diversity and inclusion, through structural changes, a part of the DNA of the organization.

This playbook for leaders includes new tools for uncovering and effectively addressing the hidden issues keeping law firms from making progress with respect to diversity.

It was a great pleasure to work with Kathleen Nalty, and we’re proud to have made our small contribution to her work.

Intimate Sex, More Often 
Now Available on

February 2015

Colorado author Dave Robin's Intimate Sex, More Often, featuring cover design by Pratt Brothers Composition and interior design and typesetting by Pam McKinnie at Concepts Unlimited, is now available at

2014 EVVY Awards Results
August 2014

Pratt Brothers Composition is please to announce that at the 2014 Colorado Independent Publishers Association's EVVY AwardsJoe Mills of Estes Park came in second in the Cover Design category! We always aim for #1, but with so many good books nominated this year we are very pleased to walk away with the "silver medal." Thank you to CIPA and all its members... see you at next year's awards!

A Slice of History & A Piece of Pie Published
May 2014

PBC is pleased to announce that our most recent project, A Slice of History & A Piece of Pie—Recipes and Remembrance, has been published.

PBC is proud to have worked on such a unique book project... half cookbook, half fully-illustrated history, this book tells the stories of many of the women whose contributions to the Estes Park area are often overlooked. The opportunity to recreate their recipes, often perfected in the famous lodges and hotels of the area and handed down through generations, presents an opportunity to connect directly to history in a way few other books can offer. 

A Slice of History & A Piece of Pie can be purchased locally through the Estes Park Museum, as well as on

Shared Moments and PBC win big at EVVY Awards
May 2012

Pratt Brothers Composition is thrilled to announce that Shared Moments was the winner of three awards at the 18th Annual Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY Awards! PBC was awarded 1st Place—Interior Design and Layout; Friesens was awarded 1st Place—Printing, and the book received the Judges' Award, an overall award " recognition of Outstanding Achievement in Cover Design, Editing, Illustration, Interior Layout & Design, and Printing." 

      Dan and Jim Pratt of PBC, posing with Tim Hewitt of Friesens printing, at the 2012 EVVYs.

Shared Moments won first place in every category it was entered... our only regret from this evening was that we did not enter the book in more categories!

Shared Moments Released
October 2011

Pratt Brothers Composition is proud to announce that our first book project has hit the shelves! On Friday, October 14, 2011, Shared Moments: Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park Remembered in Postcards went on sale at the Estes Park Museum. Shared Moments is a 400+ page full-color book containing more than 1000 postcards from the collection of Bobbie Heisterkamp, with text written by Jim Pickering. 

Shared Moments is available in various local locations, including the Estes Park Museum ShopMacdonald Book Shop in downtown Estes Park, and the Boulder Book Store.

For more on the release of Shared Moments, please visit the following links:

Celebrating "Shared Moments" Among Friends, Estes Park Trail, 10/11/2011

Shared Moments reviewed by Sandra Dallas in the Denver Post, 04/01/12